You love your business,

but don’t love spending

hours and hours on social media.


Luckily, we do.

Having a social media presence is essential these days, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s time consuming.

Working with us means you can take back those lost hours.

Not just once, but every day.

Here's How We Can Help You


Prepare a Social Media Strategy

Once you know exactly what you should be doing and when, you'll eliminate a bunch of wasted time. We'll work together on a social media plan that's custom-made for you. No more browsing around Facebook, trying to find where your potential clients are lurking. You'll know exactly what to focus on, and when. Or if you'd rather not deal with the implementation side at all, we'll happily take care of that as well.


Manage Your Social Media

To get the most out of social media, you need to be posting new content. Lots of it. And you need to be regularly on hand to reply to comments so your clients feel the love. Logging in and out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your other social media channels every day means putting aside your other work and getting out of "the zone". Not to mention the neverending risk of distraction (Wow! A cat playing a piano!). We have superhuman cat-resisting powers, and will bravely spend the time online so you don't have to.

Crunch the Numbers

Time is money. Yes, it's a corny cliche (sorry!) but there's still truth there. Regardless of who is spending the hours managing your social media channels, you're going to want some facts and figures to justify the investment. Nobody likes writing reports (actually our Founder does, but she's a giant nerd), but we can help make the job a little less annoying by providing you with all the stats you need to track, improve and optimize your return on investment.


We’re fussy about who we work with.

And you should be too.


A social media manager is the voice of your business, so you need someone you can trust to represent you in the best possible light.

Here at Teapot Social Media, we only work with brands and businesses that we’re genuinely enthusiastic about.

No exceptions.


Because working with you means we’re committing to spend hours and hours online, engaging with your customers, immersing ourselves in your world. And who wants to be doing that for a company that specializes in toenail clippers or manufactures cardboard?

Not us, that’s for sure.

You can rest assured that if we decide to work together, it’s because you’ve found a genuine fan.

And who better to share your brand with the world?

Teapot Social Media is simply amazing, and Trish epitomises all that is good about the company: professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness, excellent customer service, results, results, results…

What I find most remarkable about Trish is her extremely personal approach to business. She spends time with you to learn all about your establishment; she fishes for the most seemingly unimportant details that turn out to be the holy grail to your social media success. Trish works for you as hard as she works on her own business, seeing the organisation’s success as her own.

Call or email Trish today; you need Teapot Social Media no matter the size, business or age of your organisation. I highly recommend them.

Ernest Antwi

Founder, Refugee Aware

I was having a lot of difficulty getting people to sign up to my Facebook page, and couldn’t get my head around Facebook ads at all. But now thanks to Teapot Social Media, I have more than 3,000 people signed up to my page and I couldn’t be happier.

I also love that I don’t have to worry about finding content to post to my Twitter account because it’s all taken care of for me. Outsourcing my social media management was definitely the right decision for my business. Working with Trish makes everything seem so easy. I can’t recommend Teapot Social Media highly enough.

Kathleen Malick

Founder, START Stress Management

I’ve been working with Trish from Teapot Social Media for years, and she has always been spot on with my social marketing and general business strategy. She helped me grow my Facebook community from 400 to 1,400 in a matter of weeks. For me, quick growth was key, and Trish knows exactly how to achieve this.

The best part about working with Trish is that she understands my business thoroughly and takes the time to create a strategy that will work for me, rather than giving me an “eBook overview” like so many companies do!

I am now working on a new business income stream and have every intention of having her and Teapot Social Media build the social media strategy for this part of my business as well. Highly recommend her!

Angela Peters

Actress, Acting Coach, Blogger,

Do you want more hours in the day?

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